Qualities you should look for in a HD video streaming website

As an IT professional serving various clients, it is not unusual to get request for products upgrade from the customers. The internet has obviously evolved, from simple text based websites to contents that is rich in multimedia. And with every progress, you either adapt or lack behind.

Therefore, the case that happened during a meeting with a client, who have just heard of the new way of transmitting live HD video online, requested that it should be built within his website. He had an upcoming seminar and to break the distance barrier, the event should be streamed live through the internet. This was a difficult chore, as I had not researched much about the new technology known as video streaming.

Transmission of a live event from a location to other places is nothing new. News channel like Fox and CNN are able to broadcast live utilizing satellite links. Development in video technologies, lower bandwidth cost and higher computing power set the stage for live broadcast of video and audio contents online just like original mp3 that you will find online.  Accomplishing effectiveness with new technologies implies a blending of the old with the new.

Having your videos and Kino on your website

Putting your video or Kino on your website implies your video should be played every time someone clicks on the video. Delay in loading implies that your visitors may not wait to watch them.

It is certainly a cost efficient way of video streaming. As your customers will be charged per download, if the video is on your website, your customer will be charged whenever someone downloads it. In most cases people don’t watch the video at that moment. Other problems such as the streaming media, hosting platform, video file to support etc will also be considered along the way.

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